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ADD-Friendly Living

If you want to live a successful, satisfying life with ADHD, you need to develop an ADD-friendly lifestyle - a life that works with your ADHD, helping you to minimize your ADHD challenges and maximize the positive aspects of ADHD.

This section of will feature articles on a broad range of issues that can help your life become more ADD-friendly.

The following articles on ADD-friendly Living can get you started:

(Many of these articles have been excerpted from ADD-Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life, coauthored by Kathleen Nadeau, Ph.D.)

ADDvice for ADD-Friendly Living

Our monthly electronic newsletter, ADDvice for ADD-friendly Living, will offer constructive tools, tips and strategies for living a more ADD-friendly lifestyle. Each newsletter will feature ADD-friendly items and services in addition to tips on approaches that you can adopt to make your life run more smoothly. Register in the purple box to the right to receive ADDvice for ADD-Friendly Living.

ADDvice for ADD-friendly Living issues are archived in this section of our site so that you can re-read them whenever you like.

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Do you have a particular dilemma or concern for which you are seeking answers? Send us your ideas. Your emails will guide us to provide the answers that people with ADD (ADHD) are seeking. That way, our monthly newsletter can help you and many other people who have the same concerns.

Send us your answers...

What works for you? What strategies do you use, what helpful gadgets have you come across? By sharing your answers with us, all of our readers can benefit. Send us your answers your tools, tips and strategies for coping with the challenges of ADD. (All tools, tips and strategies sent to us by our site visitors become the property of Advantage Books and may be used in our monthly electronic newsletter or in any other publication of Advantage Books.)


Add-Friendly Living

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