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Information for Women and Girls with ADHD

Whether you're a woman with ADD or ADHD or the parent of a daughter with the disorder, you have probably struggled to find anyone in your community who understands you or your daughter, someone who has experience in diagnosing or treating ADHD in females.

What you have told us...

Many women with ADHD tell us that the professionals they consult insist their problems are only related to anxiety or depression. Many mothers write saying that their daughters with ADHD are often overlooked in the classroom or misunderstood by their teachers.

An understanding ADHD in girls and women is very recent and few professionals have the information and experience that you need. What is clear is that ADHD in girls and women can look very different, and that girls and women often have very different challenges.

Our response...

To respond to your needs as a woman with ADD or ADHD or the parent of a daughter with we (Kathleen Nadeau, Ph.D. and Patricia Quinn, M.D.) have devoted the last several years to raising awareness on woman and girls with ADHD through numerous books and articles, through public lectures and professional training sessions, and by founding The National Center for Girls and Women with ADHD in 1999.


Getting started ...

If you are wondering whether you or your daughter might have ADD or ADHD here are some questionnaires and articles to help you get started in your search for answers.

For more information...

If you are looking for in-depth information about girls and women, click on each item listed below to find more information or to purchase these books and articles.

Click here to send us your answers. As a woman with ADHD or the mother of a daughter with ADHD you have a wealth of experience to share. If you have any tools or strategies that have helped you or your daughter cope with the everyday challenges of living with ADHD, send them to us so that your experience can help other families.

Click here to send us your ideas for other information or articles you'd like to see in this section for women and girls. With your feedback we can continue to develop this site to better meet your needs.


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The Self-Assessment Symptom Inventory (SASI) for Women


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Putting on the Brakes

Tips for Creating ADD-Friendly Holidays

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Understanding Girls With AD/HD

Understanding Girls With AD/HD

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Understanding Women With AD/HD

Understanding Women With AD/HD

Kathleen Nadeau & Patricia Quinn

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Gender Issues and ADHD

Gender Issues and ADHD

Kathleen Nadeau & Patricia Quinn

480 pages; $39.00

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