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Information For Young Adults and College Students with ADHD

If you are a young adult with ADHD or the parent of a young adult, this is the place to find answers - whether you're in college, on the job, or learning to live on your own.

Being a young adult is exciting, but with ADHD, it can also be a very challenging time of life. We're here to help you learn to spread your wings and fly!

Getting started...

If you are a young adult already diagnosed with ADHD, or if you suspect you have ADHD, this is a place to come for answers. The following articles can get you started on the right track

For Young adults - making decisions, developing life management skills

For College students - choosing the right school, succeeding in college


Coaching Sites

Edge Foundation ADHD Coaches for high school and college students

Out in the world of work

Controlled Chaos - an ADD success story from a young woman with ADD.

For more information...

College Students with ADHD and their parents can find many answers to their questions in our two books. For more information or to purchase an item, just click on the titles below:

Send us your ideas for future articles. By hearing from you, we'll continue to build this site to provide the answers that you are seeking.

Send us your answers. Professionals don't have all the answers! If you or your family has found good strategies or solutions, we'd like to hear from you. Your answers can help many other young adults with ADHD and their parents.


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 Featured Books  
ADD and the College Student

ADD: Transition to College - Passport to Success Video

24 minutes; $12.95

More Info.

ADD and the College Student

College - Achieving Your Goal


More Info.

ADD and the College Student

ADD and the College Student

Patricia Quinn

160 pages; $14.95

More Info.

A College Survival Guide for Students with ADD and LD

A College Survival Guide for Students with ADD and LD

Kathleen Nadeau

56 pages; $9.95

More Info.

Coaching College Students with ADHD

Coaching College Students with ADHD

Patricia Quinn, Nancy Ratey & Theresa Maitland

208 pages; $16.95

More Info.


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